Technical ceramics:
Significant future potential.

Advanced technical ceramics are increasingly replacing the use of metals. Many procedures that are today taken for granted were impossible only a few decades ago. It is expected that the fields of application for technical ceramics will multiply in the future.

The material properties of technical ceramics can precisely be adapted to the requirements of the respective application. Major focus is frequently on:

  • high thermal stability
  • high abrasion and wear resistance
  • great hardness

Technical ceramics products made by hmb Quarzglas.

Technical ceramics are applied especially where high wear resistance, very good electrical insulation or extremely high thermal stability are required. View a selection of our products.

Technical ceramics products for the semiconductor industry
and LED production

Clamp ring

Threaded adapter

Lamp support

Coil holder

Cover cap

Melting pot

Component with
M3 and M4 thread