Fused quartz:
Material for innovations.

The sum of distinctive properties turns fused quartz into a unique material. Many high-tech applications have only become possible thanks to fused silica – they have at least become increasingly prevalent in our daily life. The chip production or latest laser technologies are just a few examples.

The properties that make fused quartz a multifaceted and exceptional material primarily are:

  • high chemical purity
  • high thermal resistance
  • high resistance to acids and radiation, for example
  • very good electrical insulation for high-voltage applications

Fused quartz products made by hmb Quarzglas.

hmb Quarzglas has the personnel and technical capacity to develop solutions for a wide range of requirements. We have extensive experience in the production of special tools and components. View a selection of our products.

Examples of quartz glass products for the semiconductor industry



Wafer support


Bell jar

A Ø 490 mm

Suspector tube

A Ø flange 630 mm

Examples of quartz glass products for the production of LEDs

Nozzle body

Exhaust tube

Rotation disc
with drilled hole
, Ø 3 mm,
120 mm deep,
one side welded shut

Examples of quartz glass products for applications
in high-temperature surroundings and melting processes

Hydraulic valve
with thread connections

Gas inlet

Connecting tube